We imagine Weavehall as a home. Its rooms can expand, contract, and take the shape we want when needed. Inside these rooms, we have friends working in their own areas, and in the living room of the house, we gather to discuss and debate each other's ideas, dreams, and projects. Those who come out of this room become a roadmap for us, and the living room represents the heart of Weavehall.

Each of us gains access to more knowledge every day and keeps ourselves updated. Unfortunately, the areas where we can present and convey the knowledge and skills we acquire are not sufficient. In today's world, the habit of fast consumption has settled into every aspect of our lives, often causing artists and their works to be misunderstood. In the Salon we've created to break free from fast and often unnecessary information flows and similar cycles, we want to learn, understand, feel, and discover new worlds with the artists we come together with.

In the Salon, we aim to grow and create collectively as a structure that emphasizes respect for art and the works created by artists, advocating for accumulation and depth over temporary information. We know that throughout history, people have become more talented and equipped thanks to the knowledge they share, and through art, people have expressed their thoughts, feelings, and social views, contributing to the transformation of society.

Weavehall took inspiration from the ancient art of 'weaving,' one of the deep-rooted arts in history, and began creating a unique carpet. This carpet will gain different textures and colors as we come together, and as it meets with artists, Weavehall's heart will continue to beat. Join us; we know that there is so much we can inspire from each other and find in the room!

At Weavehall, we aim to go beyond the ordinary and touch your inner world to make you feel better. That's why we've prepared special content to enhance the magic of the experiences you'll have at our events.

What can we do with you?

You can tell us about yourself, your ideas, and your suggestions.