Weavehall collaborates with artists to create events that know no rules or boundaries and are designed to provide you with a unique experience.


Are you ready for a brand-new experience in the heart of nature, filled with electronic music that combines learning and entertainment? SonarHouse, in collaboration with Babakamp, invites you to Fethiye Babakamp for the first edition of the 'MOUNTAINWAVE' event, which will take place above the clouds with the unique mountain view of Babadağ from July 27 to 30.

In addition to interactive music production and DJ workshops with SonarHouse instructors, SonarHouse Collective featuring Mehmet Akar, Virtù B, and Elnur Hüseynov, as well as live sets by the Passionthru team, will be taking the stage. Expect surprise DJ performances, daytime parties, and a visual spectacle by the 'Weavehall' team throughout these action-packed 3 days.


On a fall night, we celebrated nature's transition to a new season. We listened, felt, and danced to the ancient Wicca traditions adapted for the present day, which date back thousands of years!


Take a glimpse into our small and sweet terrace party! It's not just a party... It's an invitation where we share the ideas and content we've produced throughout the year. We've designed everything from short films to music and activities, including new cocktail recipes we've tried!